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  1. Transfer Rumours Check out the latest football transfer gossip - and let us know which rumours you are hearing. If you are using lobarscatelriama.tikedevwindcambigingslecreauponeli.infoinfo you can comment below to get involved in the debate.
  2. ru·mour (ro͞o′mər) n. & v. Chiefly British Variant of rumor. rumour (ˈruːmə) or rumor n 1. a. information, often a mixture of truth and untruth, passed around verbally b. (in combination): a rumour-monger. 2. gossip or hearsay 3. archaic din or clamour 4. obsolete fame or reputation vb 5. (tr; usually passive) to pass around or circulate in the.
  3. One of the most loved tribute bands by both the fans and our venue! It does not get any better than Rumours, they nail it!! And the sold out crowd goes nuts for them every time they are here.
  4. Home page of Rumours, a rock group from Sandusky, Ohio. Rumours was formed in on the crest of Fleetwood Mac's reunion tour. For over 22 years they have performed their tribute to Fleetwood Mac for audiences throughout North East Ohio and neighbo.
  5. Jul 16,  · Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" what else can be said that hasn't already been said? We know it was one of the highest grossing albums Fleetwood Mac ever put out that more than half of the titles listed on the album made it to the radio and that bringing Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham into it made this band outstandingly unique!!!/5(K).
  6. Rumours synonyms, Rumours pronunciation, Rumours translation, English dictionary definition of Rumours. n. & v. Chiefly British Variant of rumor. or n 1. a. information, often a mixture of truth and untruth, passed around verbally b.: a rumour-monger.
  7. Other articles where Rumours is discussed: Fleetwood Mac: multimillion-selling Fleetwood Mac () and Rumours. Evocatively reflecting the simultaneous breakups of the McVies’ marriage and Buckingham and Nicks’s relationship, Rumours—which won the Grammy Award for album of the year—epitomized the band’s accomplished songwriting, arresting vocal chemistry, and rock-solid .
  8. Widespread rumours suggested the Internet retailer also might launch a branded smartphone in [Montreal Gazette (article now offline)] First came the earthquake, then the tsunami and now there’s a storm of speculation, myth and rumour. [Sydney Morning Herald].
  9. The second side of Rumours is subtle, downbeat and atmospheric. 'The Chain' went some considerable way towards upping the profile of Formula 1 but is an absolutely fantastic song in its own right and a gripping start to Side Two, nicely heralding the change in tone - of course, this doesn't come across so much when you play it on CD, but just /5().

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